My God is still in Control

Over this strange and uncertain time I have experienced a multitude of feelings. From uncertainty to stronger faith back to what is going on?’ To wow how awesome is God.

In the 8th week of being furloughed I was doing more diy at home, and yes I have done loads of jobs I said I would do when I have time, turns out this is the time. But I was listening to some worship and having a conversation with God. And the phrase, “My God is still in control’.

But what dose this mean? - I believe that God is in control in every and any situation. God dose not suddenly lose control and we end up in a bad situation. God is always in control. It might look like in our world that it’s going out of control. But God is in control. This is not saying God is causing the evil and bad to happen. God is a constant God, he is the same yesterday today and forever. He calmed the storms, heals the sick, cares for the broken hearted.

Im guessing in this uncertain time it might be hard to to believe there is a God and that he is in control. But for me in this time, I have no doubt God is in control. In fact I am more convinced he is in control and even exists now than I was before Corona even came about.

God is bigger than Corona and he is in control. This might be hard to hear and you may be wondering why is this even happening.

Maybe you’re in a place that it’s hard to believe and accept God. Can I encourage you to seek God and pray to him. Pray for him to show him his goodness and his peace in this this of uncertainty.

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