Social Media and I'm FREE

Since 2003 I have had Facebook, soon after I joined Instagram and everyday I started to use them more and more, sharing photos, liking posts and scrolling and scrolling and scrolling thought what I can only call useless information and photos and news.  Never knowing if what is being shared is true and right. 

Over the last year I have kept saying I am going to leave social media and turn them off but I would always come up with a reason not to.  The big one I always said is, 'I need it for work'. but once my new centre manager took over I had no reason not to.  

I used to spend hours scrolling through pointless stuff.  Just needed to be looking and seeing.  Very occasionally I would see something worth while.  This also effected my time I would read my bible and connect with God.  

In March I switched off Facebook and Instagram and I feel so much peace.  And I have so much time.  Being able to wake up and not grab my phone and check what has been going on.  I have other ways to hear the news and events going on, but I'm not seeing what everyones had for lunch and cats falling off things. 

I would encourage anyone to give it a try, my mind is at so much more peace, and I never find out the results to tv shows with out watching the show!! 

My relationship with God is so much better and I'm sure I have not missed anything.... 

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