The fear of the unknown...

"The oldest and strongest emotion of all man kind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown." H.P. Lovecraft

Fear is something that can cripple any person, living in fear can be so destructive on any one. Worry is the same, worry can have the same effect as fear. I spent years living in fear and worry, i would worry about a simple meeting with someone who asked to meet, thinking i had done something wrong. I remember been asked to a meeting at my work, to meet with the finance committee, i spent 3 days not sleeping and coming up with elaborate ideas of what i may or may not have done and how long i would go to prison for. At the meeting they just wanted to ask a couple of questions about the accounts. Simple questions and simple answers. Lost sleep over nothing.

One evening i had a text of a close friend and it simple said "i need to chat to you, when are you free?" Instantly as i read the text, my heart sank, what had i done wrong, why would he need to chat to me. Again when i saw him it was a chat that he wanted to have about something going on in his life.

In this day and age of technology our phones are by are side all the time, so why am i not getting a reply. Dose my friend not like me any more, where we never friends and he was just 'being nice'. The ticks are both blue, but they are not responding? What have i done.

We can be so trapped by fear and worry. In 1 John 4:18 it says “Perfect Love Casts Out All Fear”

“how could love fight fear?” I was kinda stumped by this. I think this verse can be rather vague and difficult to grasp, even for adults. But when i think about how God’s love has made me less fearful through life, I believe it’s simpler than we realize. God is love. Perfect love. And the closer we come to him, the less power fear has over us, because we feel God’s continual presence-his strength, his comfort, and his guidance.

When faced with even the deepest most crippling of fear, we need to trust God with the confidence a child ascribes to a loving parent. The key is abiding in that love, on a daily-even hourly-basis. It has to be more than a Biblical truth in our lives. We need to experience it continually.

One of the most repeating fears and worry i have faced in my life is not knowing where i stand with my friends. I have questioned so many times if we are friends and why would they want to be friends with me. When i have sent a message and no reply for days, i would conclude we are not really friends and they don't care about me.

But something changed in me a few years ago, i was so crippled by fear of not knowing where i was with my close friends that i did somthing i with i did long ago. You see this fear was not a rational fear, it was coming from the devil.

Think this is strange, but my close friends are my supporters, the ones standing side by side when life is tough, they are the ones i can turn to when i want to give up on the ministry i am doing. They are the ones to say come on, you can do this and often pray for me. So the devil has a lot to answer for, breaking up close friends would not only ruin friendships but stop people hearing about Jesus.

So what did i do a few years a go? I did something so simple, somthing i would recommend every person who feels like me dose. ASK - ask your friends what your friendship means to them. It might seem really hard to do, but you might hear something that you need to hear. When i did this with my close friends i hear some of what i though and a load more i never knew. I was blown away abut the significants of our friendship.

Just because someone has not replied to a text dose not mean they no longer value you. i would encourage you to ask.

Lets stamp out fear with Love. Perfect Love Casts Out All Fear” - Lets fill our lives with love from our Father God. And see what a difference it makes.

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