Was 2017 too busy?

When asked 'How are you? hows the week been? How did you answer? How many times did the words, busy, tied, but good' slip out of your mouth before you even released.

I get it, life is busy, life is crazy busy, there is so much to say yes to and so many people not to let down. But life should not be about being busy, we should be enjoying it to. I don't want to get to the end and think, what was that. Life is to be enjoyed. And for me being busy is not a good thing. We might like to make our selfs busy, but then it becomes an idol, a status, an identity. I don't believe my identity should be in being busy, but in christ Jesus.

This last year has been very different to the previous years. Not only was it the year i got married, but it was also the year i started to put boundaries in. Time became important, not something to be filled but used wisely.

In January i went to visit my friend Marcus who was studying at Bethel Church and as Will Smith would say ' my life got turned upside down'. So much changed in those 2 weeks, one of those things was really simple but has completely transformed my year.

I simply put in boundaries, boundaries to know what to say yes to and what to say no to with intention. I have found this last year to be so spot on, particularly when it comes to meeting up with people. I know who i am seeing and i know why. If the time is to invest into that person or time to invest into each other. Being intentional dose not mean i don't see people it means i know why.

This last year has been a busy year, but its also be the best year. I have been able to reconnect with people in my life who before i was just to busy to even text. I have had amazing adventures because i had time, time just to venture out for an evening or a day, i have had quality time with those i'm close to and invested time in those people.

This year i would encourage you to put in boundaries so you have time, and the time you have you use wisely. Then next year see what kind of a year you have had.

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