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Thank you for stopping by, four year ago I was regularly blogging on my site and then all of a sudden it all stopped. Not wanting to give an reason, but life got busy, to be more spot on, StreetLight was born. This is not a baby i have badly named but the vision God placed on my heart when i was 17.

For the last year i have wanted to start it up again, and going onto my last blog site, i decided to relaunch and start a fresh. Life has changed so much since the last post i wrote. The last post i wrote i was single, and starting up StreetLight. Now i am about to get married WHOOPP WHOOP and StreetLight is 3 years old and we have come so far.

This blog is simply going to be a place for me to share with the world. You are welcome to read and welcome to comment, but no one is forcing you to. If no one reads it it won't bother me at all.

So please join me on my Journey of discovery, adventure and good laughs.

Thank you for reading ...

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